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Today's Bullion Sale Prices

Prices are based on the spot rate of gold: $3217.28 and silver: $44.06.

USD prices calculated at: 0.7506

Updated on: 05/29/2024 09:00 AM GMT

Gold Bullion Sell Prices

Gold Bars and Rounds 1oz: $3,345.97 each
1oz RCM: $3,364.19 each
5oz: $16,359.87 each
1oz Maple Leaf Coin 9999 $3,410.32
Fractional Gold Maples 1/2oz coin: $1,737.33 each
1/4oz coin: $916.92 each
1/10oz coin: $382.86 each
1/20oz coin: $207.51 each
Gold Wafers 1g: $131.38 each
5g: $589.66 each

Silver Bullion Sell Prices

1oz Silver Maples $52.87
1oz Silver Eagles $54.19
1oz Silver Bars and Rounds $50.67
10oz Silver Bar Standard: $506.69 each
RCM: $521.69 each
Kilo Silver Bar $1,572.35
100oz Silver Bar $4,758.48

Platinum Bullion Sell Prices

1oz Platinum Maple Leaf Coin $1,696.04
1oz Platinum Bar $1,623.56

In Canada, any gold or silver coin or bar less than 99.5% pure is not considered bullion and is subject to Goods and Service Tax and Provincial Sales Tax or Harmonized Sales Tax. For this reason, Montreal Gold only offers pure bars and coins (over 99.5% purity).  Our inventory is very limited but we offer the lowest possible price on pure gold and silver. If you are looking to purchase, please contact us to inquire about our bullion availability.



Montreal Gold is part of the greater nationwide network of Canada Gold locations. Canada Gold is one of the country’s largest and most active precious metal dealers, which allows us to buy and sell on volume at the best possible prices.

We’re a family owned and operated company. When we started this business over 10 years ago, we wanted to provide a place where gold and silver buyers and sellers could conduct business in a safe environment with friendly, knowledgeable staff and with 100% transparency regarding valuation and pricing.  Each of our locations is BBB accredited.

Canada Gold’s security measures ensure your personal data remains safe and private. And for the safety of customers and employees we do not carry an open inventory.


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Canada Gold is proudly accredited through the Better Business Bureau. Our commitment to providing superior customer service every time you visit is validated by our BBB accreditation.

Canada Gold is proud to be an authorized DNA dealer for the Royal Canadian Mint. We are able to instantly authenticate any registered mint coins.