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Sell your gold and silver in Montreal with confidence at Canada Gold. 


Montreal Gold is committed to transparency.  Transparency in our evaluations of what you sell to us and transparency in our pricing model.  Our store visitors, whether they choose to sell to us or not, are better educated on the value of their items when they leave our store than when they walk in.  

The process of selling your valuables to Montreal Gold usually takes under 30 minutes, though larger transactions can require more time. Below, you can explore our evaluation process in detail.  If you have additional questions, please stop in our store or contact us toll-free at 1-888-682-5832.

When you visit us at Montreal Gold, you’ll find an experienced, knowledgeable staff of professionals ready to make your selling experience informative and educational.  Our evaluations of your items are performed in your presence and we’ll walk you through the process every step of the way. 
First, we use an earth magnet to rule out whether items are decidedly not gold or silver.  Both precious metals are non-ferrous and thus, non-magnetic.  Next, we check for purity stamps on the items, which identify gold purity in most cases. It’s not exactly rare to find an item stamped as solid gold that is actually gold-plated but in most instances, the purity stamps are correct or very close to it. Some purity stamps can be seen by the naked eye while others, out of necessity because of the size of the piece (solitaire earrings, as one example), may require a 20X magnification jeweler’s loupe.
If there are no stamps or the buyer wants to validate the stamp value (which we generally always do), we will further test each item in one of several ways. The Acid Scratch Test is where we scratch an item on a smooth touch stone. This makes a fine mark on the stone but does no damage to your bullion or jewelry.  This mark can then be compared to a sample of known purity.  If it fails to meet the purity of the known sample, it will be evident on the touchstone.   We test at 10kt to begin with, and provided the piece passes that test, move up to 14kt, 18kt and so on until the item does not pass the next test, in which case we know the purity is the highest test the item did pass.  If the test is close, we will give the item the benefit of the doubt.  An additional testing method we use is X-Ray Fluorescence Testing. The machine used for this test is a state-of-the-art device capable of providing detailed analysis by measuring the intensity of the generated gold X-rays by wavelength dispersion analysis. When testing is complete, a full report is generated indicating the percentages of gold content as well as other alloying metals such as copper, silver, zinc, etc. This method is remarkably accurate. buying gold in canadaYet another way we test gold is via a Specific Gravity Machine, which determines the purity of gold by measuring its density underwater. We weigh the item once on a normal scale and once under water. The difference in the weights determines the density of the item. Since gold is one of the densest elements, we can identify the purity (karat) of gold via this method.
Once all the items have been sorted by karat, we weigh them on a scale that is calibrated regularly.  You are more than welcome to ask to have it recalibrated again during your visit. Our scale will provide the true weight of your items in grams. If your valuables have gemstones or inserts we will subtract the estimated weight of those stones. We assess the rough size and number of stones in the items and subtract this weight from our estimate.
Our prices are based on the current market price of gold and silver (check today’s gold price in Canada). Your quote is based on the purity (karat) and the weight of your items. We provide you with the quote and leave you to decide which items, if any, you wish to sell. There is no commitment whatsoever on your part and we never pressure our visitors to sell.   

It’s rare, but some larger items can be thickly plated and our testing methods may be inadequate for a valuation.  A final test before payment may be required by us to confirm the item is as originally tested. This can involve cutting the piece and damaging it beyond repair. We will, of course, ask your permission before these types of tests. We will agree to pay the quoted price if the item is as tested but if it is not, we will not be able to purchase it.  If you do not wish to have the test performed on your item, we will happily return it to you.

If you are satisfied with the quote and agree to sell your items, we’ll carefully remove any stones and inserts. On the open market small used stones have little to no value but you may be able to use them in the design of future jewelry. Once stones and inserts have been removed, the items are weighed again to adjust the final quote.  You will be paid on the spot in cahs for sales under $30 CAD and by check (for your safety and ours) for any sales over $30 CAD.
Your business means a lot to us and we want your experience with us to be pleasant and hassle free. We encourage our visitors to shop around because we know that once you do, you’ll understand that our transparent method of buying and selling offers you the best market value for your items. 

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