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At one time, gold dental fillings were coveted and seen as a superior option to traditional modern “silver” amalgam metal fillings.  But with the advent of porcelain and composite filling that match the color of teeth, many people have opted to replace their gold fillings for a more natural look.  At Montreal Gold, we purchase gold dental fillings just as we do any other gold product, offering the best price possible.  


24 karat gold is soft, which is why dental gold fillings are rarely 100% pure gold. Other precious metals are mixed in to increase strength and durability and normally, up to a third of the metals that make up a gold dental filling are a combination of platinum, palladium and silver. Montreal Gold buys those precious metals as well as gold, so we can make you an offer on the entire filling.

Bring your dental gold in for an evaluation today.

How does scrap dental gold get refined?

The refining process is as follows:

  • Your gold filling or fillings are weighed on our calibrated scale, physically characterized and added to our system
  • The precious metals are melted down, then separated via our equipment
  • Each precious metal your gold dental filling was composed of is weighed to determine the amount of it
  • A detailed report is written for you that contains the quantities of each precious metal recovered and the current market metal prices
How much is my dental gold worth?

It depends on how much you have and the quantities of various precious metals within the fillings.  Stop in to our Montreal store and we’ll find out together.

Do you pay for just the gold content or for the other precious metals too?

We pay for every precious metal in the filling.

Is there a minimum quantity I need to bring in?

There is no minimum quantity.  Bring in what you have and we’ll make you an offer.

Can I sell my dental gold or dental scrap by mail?
Learn more about Canada Gold’s free and secure mail-in services or call us toll free on 1-888-682-5832.

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