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Gold Market Price: $2595.58 CAD   2,595.58

Thank you for your interest in Montreal Gold, where we offer the best value for your gold and silver in Montreal. We do business in good faith and present our prices as honestly and transparently as possible. There are no fees or commissions so what you see is what we pay.

At our location in Montreal, we buy gold based on the live market gold prices and back it up with our Best Price Guarantee.

Prices updated as of: 02/02/2023 02:00 PM GMT

Spot Price Per Gram

Metal Price Per Gram
Gold price per gram $83.46/g
Silver price per gram $1.04/g
Platinum price per gram $43.76/g

Premium Jewellery

Premium Jewellery Price
24kt Premium (99.9% pure gold) $78.44/g
22kt Premium (91.6% pure gold) $71.86/g
21kt Premium (87.5% pure gold) $68.65/g
18kt Premium (75.0% pure gold) $58.84/g
14kt Premium (58.5% pure gold) $45.89/g
10kt Premium (41.7% pure gold) $32.71/g
9kt Premium (37.5% pure gold) $29.42/g

*Listed above are Premium Plus rates which apply for premium jewellery with diamonds, premium brand name pieces (Tiffany, Cartier, Birks, etc...) and select vintage and antique items.

*Some of our stores have slightly different pricing structures, and it is recommended that you check the individual store site to confirm the rates.


Gold Jewellery Price
24kt (99.9% pure gold) $66.76/g
22kt (91.6% pure gold) $59.81/g
21kt (87.5% pure gold) $57.03/g
18kt (75.0% pure gold) $48.69/g
Yellow Dental Gold $37.56/g
14kt (58.5% pure) $37.56/g
10kt (41.7% pure gold) $26.43/g
9kt (37.5% pure gold) $23.65/g
Silver Price
Sterling Silver Flatware (92.5% pure silver) $0.69/g
Sterling Silver Jewellery (92.5% pure silver) $0.67/g
Mexican Silver Jewellery (92.5% pure silver) $0.53/g
Platinum Price
999 Platinum (99.9% pure platinum) $30.60/g
950 Platinum (95% pure platinum) $29.10/g

* These are our standard (and minimum) purchase prices. For items that are resellable, antique, brand name or for high volumes of gold, please call or visit for rates

Gold Coins

Canadian Gold Coins Price
1 oz Gold Maple Leaf 9999 $2,608.30/coin
1 oz Gold Maple Leaf Damaged or 999 $2,515.19/coin
Gold Maple Leaf under 1 oz $84.29/g
Canadian $20 1967 Coin (90% pure gold) $1,235.76/coin
Canadian $100 1976 Coin (22kt) $1,168.01/coin
Canadian $100 1976 Coin (14kt) $584.01/coin
Canadian $100 1977-1986 Coin (22kt) $1,168.01/coin
Canadian $100 1976-1986 Coin (14kt) $584.01/coin
Canada $200 1990-2012 $1,168.01/coin
Miscellaneous Canadian 14k Coin $43.81/g
Miscellaneous Canadian 22k Coin $68.86/g
World Gold Coins Price
American Gold Buffalo (99.9% pure gold) $2,541.12/oz
American Gold Eagle (91.6% pure gold) $2,386.39/oz
Austrian Ducat (98.5% pure gold) $258.21/Ducat
British Sovereign (91.6% pure gold) $549.05/coin
Chinese Panda (99.9% pure gold) $2,541.12/oz
French Gold Franc (90% pure gold) $221.34/10 Francs
Iranian Pahlavi (90% pure gold) $550.28/Pahlavi
Mexican Gold 50 Peso (90% pure gold) $2,816.30/coin
South African Krugerrand (91.6% pure gold) $2,386.39/coin
Other Gold Coins (per gram of pure gold) $75.46/g AGW

Silver Coins

Canadian Silver Coins Price
Silver Maple Leaf Coin $34.70/oz
1919 and Earlier Coins (92.5% pure silver) $16.39/dollar
1920-1966 Coins (80% pure silver) $14.17/dollar
1967 Coins (63% pure silver) $11.16/dollar
1968 Coins (50% pure silver) $8.86/dollar
1976 Montreal Olympic $10 Coin $37.00/coin
1976 Montreal Olympic $5 Coin $18.50/coin
1976 Montreal Olympic Coin $0.76/g
Miscellaneous Canadian Coins (92.5% pure silver) $0.71/g
Miscellaneous Canadian Coins (50% pure silver) $0.39/g
American Silver Coins Price
Silver American Eagle $32.50/coin
1964 and Earlier - Dollars, Half Dollars, Quarters and Dimes $18.02/dollar
1965 - 1970 US Half Dollars $3.59/coin
World Silver Coins Price
Recognized Silver Bullion Coins $31.37/oz
Other Recognized Silver Coins (per gram of pure silver) $0.73/g ASW

* Canadian silver prices are based on the melt value of dollars, half dollars, quarters, and dimes. For coins with a premium for their numismatic value - based on their rarity and condition - we are happy to help identify these coins and refer you to a local coin buyer for prices.


Gold Bullion Price
1 oz Gold Maple Leaf 9999 $2,608.30/coin
1 oz Gold Maple Leaf Damaged or 999 $2,515.19/coin
Gold Maple Leaf under 1 oz $84.29/g
Small Gold Wafer (1g,5g,10g) $81.79/g
1 oz Recognized Gold Bar $2,582.34/bar
1 Tola (11.66g) Gold Bar $923.55/bar
100g Gold Bar $7,920.69/bar
5 oz Recognized Gold Bar $12,575.97/bar
10 oz Recognized Gold Bar $24,711.14/bar
1kg Gold Bar $79,206.92/bar
Unrecognized Gold Bars $2,463.34/oz
Palladium Bullion Price
1 oz Palladium Maple Leaf Coin $1,987.56/coin
Recognized Palladium Bar $1,943.39/oz
Unrecognized Palladium Bar $1,998.60/oz
Silver Bullion Price
Silver Maple Leaf Coin $5 $34.05/oz
American Eagle Silver Coin $32.50/oz
1 oz Recognized Silver Bar $32.01/oz
5 oz Recognized Silver Bar $160.07/bar
10 oz Recognized Silver Bar $320.14/bar
1kg Recognized Silver Bar $1,019.00/bar
50 oz Recognized Silver Bar $1,568.38/bar
100 oz Recognized Silver Bar $3,136.75/bar
Unrecognized Silver Bar $27.49/oz
Platinum Bullion Price
1 oz Platinum Maple Leaf Coin $1,318.82/coin
Recognized Platinum Bar $1,291.63/oz
Unrecognized Platinum Bar $1,219.36/oz

* Unrecognized bars include: Commemorative bars/rounds and any damaged bullion that cannot be resold.


Diamonds Price
Up to 0.19 $50/ct ($250/gram)
0.20-0.25 $100/ct ($500/gram)
0.26-0.39 $160-$250/ct
0.40-0.49 $250+/ct
0.50 ct or more By Appointment

We offer free appointments and estimates for any diamond over 0.25 ct in size and prices are based on a full grading of each diamond. For smaller diamonds, free estimates can be given by any of our gold experts based on size only. Learn more about selling my diamonds.

Gold Spot Price: $2595.58 CAD   2,595.58

Canada Gold sells diamonds graded by the Gemology Institute of America: the leading experts of diamond analysis and grading. Find out how much your diamond is worth here.
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