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Turning Old Gold Into New Memories

Having served thousands of customers all across Canada, our gold buyers get to hear all sorts of different stories from many clients about how they acquired their items, where they came from and how long they’ve been sitting around. But often it’s the story about what people plan to do with the windfall from cashing-in their unwanted items like old gold that’s most interesting.

Here is a recollection from one of our buyers:

“I remember speaking with a divorcee from Vancouver who was finally ridding herself of all the jewellery she had received from her estranged husband over the years. The old jewellery that she never wore had been sitting at home collecting dust and she thought it might be worthwhile to bring it down to our store.

She came in with her friend who was planning on going to the outdoor equipment store next door afterwards to pick up some supplies for a camping trip that they were planning.

When we handed her over $2000 for the items that she had brought in she smiled from ear to ear. The money she got from her old jewellery was more than enough to pay for all of the camping equipment they were going to buy, it would pay for all the camping trips they were planning that summer.

When she thanked me for helping out, I could tell that she was quite happy with the situation and would be up for a joke, so I said that perhaps she should thank her ex-husband. She and her friend laughed hysterically all the way to the camping store and seemed to be pleased that an unpleasant chapter in her life had been turned into a fun day turning a new page.”

We see it all the time; when people bring in old memories so they can start over and use the money for something important in their lives, it really seems to be a great way to heal old wounds. Who would have thought that a trip to Vancouver Gold could be just as useful as (and much more profitable than) a trip to the psychologist!

Another heart-warming story we heard recently was from a single mom who was just trying to scrape together some money to go on a nice holiday with her daughter:

“My daughter has always begged me to take her to Disneyland, it’s been one of her dreams ever since she first heard about the place. I’ve never been able to afford it, and I certainly didn’t think I had enough old jewellery lying around to pay for it, I was just planning on taking her to a theme park near Seattle.

When I got a cheque for over $3200 from Vancouver Gold I was blown away. I finally had enough money to take my daughter to Disneyland and make her the happiest little girl ever!

I can’t thank Vancouver Gold enough, you were professional throughout the whole process and really helped us to fulfill my daughter’s wishes, thank-you!”

A big thank-you to all our customers who keep our jobs so interesting and make it all possible.