So,here are some tips for selling to gold buyers in Calgary

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Selling to Gold Buyers in Calgary

Whether you are looking for some extra cash, or simply getting rid of some unwanted jewellery, you may be considering selling your gold. If you have never sold any gold before, you are probably wondering about the best way to go about it. So, here are some tips for selling to gold buyers in Calgary.

Obviously, to be able to sell, you are going to need a buyer. Even once you find gold buyers in Calgary, you are still going to want to ensure that you have the best possible transaction.

• Get Organized Before Visiting the Gold Dealer Calgary

As with almost everything else in life, being organized and well-prepared will make things go much smoother. Organizing your gold will also save time for the dealer. Go through your collection and remove any imitation gold by using a strong magnet. Whatever sticks to the magnet is very unlikely to be pure gold. If you find the magnet picking up an item by anything other than the clasps, you should probably leave it at home.

• Sort Your Gold

Your jewellery should have little identification labels. Get a magnifying glass and check each label. They will be marked 10k, 14k, and so on. Group each item by type, keeping them separated in bags for convenience. Be sure to call us with questions on gold buying in Calgary. 

Some of the tags may be stamped GF or GP. These stand for gold filled and gold plated, respectively. These can be put together, though generally you can leave them at home, as most gold dealers will be looking for solid gold.

• Determine the Weight of Each Type of Gold

Once your gold has been sorted, you should then weight each type. Weigh your gold in grams, although don’t be surprised if the gold buyer uses another system. Many gold buyer will use a system called a Troy ounce.  You may not have a scale of your own. In this case, you can check with your local post office to see if you can use theirs.

• Ask for a Quote from the expert Gold Buyers in Calgary

At this point, your gold has been organized, sorted, and weighed. Now you can go ahead and get some quotes. You can start by seeking phone quotes and should try to get at least three. Some places may not want to give you a quote over the phone. If you can give them an accurate description of what you want to sell and they refuse to give a quote, it may because they know their payouts are low. When you receive a quote from a buyer, ask them if there are any fees that they have not disclosed over the phone. In many cases, there will be.

• Do Some Research and Be Informed

Now that you have some quotes, you may want to go straight to the buyer, but take a moment for one more step: check the buyer out on Yelp and at

As with any business, some gold buyers are more reputable than others, and regardless of your reasons for selling your gold, you want to ensure that you will be treated well and fairly. Following these tips, you should be well-prepared to deal with gold buyers in Calgary.

As part of our commitment to honest business ethics and for your peace of mind, each of our Canada Gold locations is listed with the Better Business Bureau. We were also the first BC Lower Mainland based gold buyers to be accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

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