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Gold Buyers in Canada: How to sell gold jewelry without getting ripped off

Gold jewelry. You have it—lots of dealers want it. If you’ve got some unwanted gold items collecting dust in the bottom of your jewelry box, you might be thinking about trading them in for some extra cash. But selling your unwanted gold can be risky if it falls into the hands of shady gold buyers in Canada. To help save you a lot of heartache—and money—here are some handy tips on how to sell gold jewelry without getting ripped off.

Know the value of your gold jewelry

Before you even consider selling your unwanted gold jewelry, it pays to know the value of what you have. The amount of money you can expect to get for your items will be based on the purity, weight, and condition of the gold jewelry.
Wondering what to do to avoid getting undersold? Then you’ll want to check the market value of gold to get a rough estimate on the items you intend to sell. If you are still not sure how to figure out the value of your jewelry, you can always bring your unwanted gold items to reputable gold buyers in Canada to get a proper appraisal.

Separate your gems

If you’re strapped for cash and in a hurry to sell gold jewelry, you might make a costly mistake and forget to separate the gems. Failing to remove precious gemstones like diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and emeralds can cost you a fortune if a dishonest buyer conveniently “forgets” to thoroughly and properly appraise your jewelry pieces.

Shop around

When you sell gold, don’t just go with the first offer. Many crooked dealers will bet on the chance you are in a rush to sell and quote you an unfair price. Don’t get fooled into accepting a fast, low-ball offer. Visit multiple gold buyers in Canada and get a quote by each.
To avoid scams, make sure to find buyers that’ll test, sort, and weigh your jewelry right in front of you. Plus, only reliable gold buyers will offer a best price guarantee, ensuring you get the highest price for all your unwanted gold items. When it comes to your valuable gold jewelry, taking the time to shop around will go a long way to getting you the best price possible.

Don’t get ripped off when it comes time to sell your unwanted gold items. Making sure to arm yourself with the right information before you sell your gold jewelry will prevent dishonest gold buyers in Canada from pulling the wool over your eyes.

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