GIA Certified Gemstone Buyers in Canada

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While we specialize in the purchase of Gold and Diamonds, our goal is to be give the best price and advice when selling all jewellery – including items with other gemstones.

In order to maximize the value of your jewellery, our payouts are not just based on the melt or wholesale value of your gold and gemstones, but also the resale value of the piece for vintage and premium pieces.

As a rule of thumb is a single diamond is over 0.25 carats or a coloured gemstone is over 1.00 carats, that gemstone may either have significant resale value itself or substantially increase the resale value of the piece of jewellery it is set in.



The popularity of diamonds has resulted in a very robust resale market, so we are able to purchase diamonds of all sizes. We have built a diamond price calculator to let you know what your diamond might be worth based on its characteristics.  

For diamonds over 0.25 carats, we provide a complimentary, no-obligation grading and purchase offer.  Our GIA certified gemstone buyers in Canada have years of experience evaluating diamonds. Call to book your free appointment.

For diamonds under 0.25 carats each, drop in any time for your offer. For diamonds in this size range payouts are either based on the size range and weight of the diamonds, or the entire jewellery piece is valued at a premium item. 


Rubies, Emeralds and Sapphires

For single Rubies, Emeralds and Sapphires that are over one carat in size, we offer complimentary, no-obligation appointments to make an offer on the gemstone. Our prices are based on the market value of the gemstones, but for items set in jewellery the price can increase based on the style, era, and desirability the resale market.

For Rubies, Emeralds and Sapphires under 1.00 each, drop by one of our buying locations any time. Your jewellery, including the gemstones, will be carefully valued based on craftsmanship, brand and market desirability. Upon completion, we will provide you with a competitive estimate. At this gem size range, in most cases we evaluate the item as a premium piece with a higher payout schedule.


Other Gemstones

For other gemstone (including Topaz, Opals, Garnet, Jade, and Pearls) our ability to pay for these gemstones depends on many factors. There is unfortunately no general rule-of-thumb for what we are able to purchase, but in our experience many of these gemstones that we see have limited resale value. That said, we taken into account all factors including size, quality, brand, craftsmanship and market conditions when determining if we can offer on one of these gemstones. Any of our precious metals buyer will be able to provide an initial assessment and offer based on your piece, so drop in or call any time!