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Coin scrap value
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Coins are not limited to nickels, dimes and quarters. For thousands of years, coins have been fabricated from various metals to represent various values. If you are curious about your coin scrap value, speak to our experts at Canada Gold today. Simply bring in your old precious metal coins and we will carefully analyze them right in front of you! At the end of your visit, we will provide you with accurate coin scrap value. With transparency and honesty at the forefront of our business,  feel confident that you’ll receive the highest price for your coins.

What are the different types of coins?

There are three different types of precious metal coins: numismatic, bullion and semi-numismatic coins. Numismatic coins often carry higher premiums are have a higher value than stated on their faces. In addition, bullion coins aren’t designed to be used in regular circulation. As a result, they have low premiums and have been created specifically for those interested in investing in precious metals. Lastly, semi-numismatic coins are a mixture of both numismatic and bullion coins. Although they are evaluated based on precious metal content, their price is inflated due to factors such as spot price and demand.

How do you determine coin scrap value?

A coin’s value as a collector’s item or an investment depends on many factors. These include its condition, historical significance, rarity, quality, design and general popularity with collectors. However, if a coin is lacking in these factors, it is unlikely that they will have a high coin scrap value. Although, if you happen to be in possession of quality coins, bring them in to find their true coin scrap value.

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Precious metal coins are great investments as they are one of the few commodities that can be physically stored and whose value is preserved or increased over time. For this reason, purchasing high-quality coins in Toronto is now one of the easiest ways to invest in precious metals. At Canada Gold, we pride ourselves on transparency and customer-first service. However, when curious about your old coin scrap value, stop by any one of our locations. Whether you are from British Colombia to Halifax, our expert coin dealers are available to answer your questions to help find the right coins for you. Give us a call today.